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Rockhampton Cricket Club – Ground and 1st Team Sponsor

Rockhampton Cricket Club is delighted to have secured long term sponsorship from Wickwar Wessex Brewing Company.

Wickwar Wessex Brewing Company has been supporting Rockhampton Cricket club for the past 4 seasons, sponsoring it’s Mens Cricket teams, Winter Skittles teams and supplying it’s incredible beers and ciders to both bars. As a local business with roots in the Gloucestershire area, Cricketers from Rockhampton have probably been drinking Wickwar ales since the clubs inception in 1872.


It all began in 1860 in the Cotswold village of Wickwar, surrounded by the rolling Wessex countryside. The purity of the locally sourced Cotswold water was impossible to resist, perfect for brewing traditional ale that is both satisfying and easy to drink. As the brewery grew, so did its reputation and today, although the world has changed around us, our methods have stayed the same. Because once you hit upon a winning formula, well, if it ain’t broke…

Not only do we support pubs across the country, Wickwar Wessex Pub Co even has its own, binding their communities together in the time-honoured tradition with a natural contemporary twist. No one can deny the sense of belonging a good pub provides and when you find yourself in your comfort zone, you know you can shut out the world and relax. It’s the escape that only a British pub can offer, and it’s something to celebrate and cherish.

For more information about Wickwar Wessex Brewing Company, please visit their website at www.wickwarbrewing.com where you can find your local Wickwar owned pub or buy some of their incredible ales. Alternatively, visit Rockhampton Cricket Club during the summer months to sample it in the great outdoors, pitchside.

Matchday Sponsorship

Sponsorship may not mean as much as sponsoring the whole club for the whole season. Over the past few seasons, we’ve started our own “Match Day” sponsorship opportunity. If you have an interest in supporting a Rockhampton team for a particular match fixture why not donate the sum of £20 towards the cost of a match ball?

In return, you will receive free advertising on the website & around the clubhouse – together with a cricket tea for two. Apart from helping the club it may add to an already pleasant experience.
If you are interested in sponsoring a match ball for any of the RCC sides or wish to know more about sponsoring the club, contact Bill Cooper on 01454 550064 or E-mail: info@rockhamptoncc.com